The Saint Stephen Foundation and its mission

The activities and operations of the Saint Stephen Foundation are determined by it’s revised statute, adopted in 2021. As the Foundation operates on the territory of the Diocese of Rome, it’s operating regulations were approved by the Vicariate of the City of Rome with prior consent of the Hungarian Catholic Episcopal Conference.

A main objective of the Foundation lies in giving complete assistance for Hungarian pilgrims arriving in Rome.

Another objective of the Foundation is to support the Hungarian Catholic Mission in Italy through  offering spiritual, cultural and pastoral events in order to strengthen the cohesion among the Hungarian community and the linguistic and national identy of Hungarians living in Italy.  To this effect, a new, seperate community hall has been integrated in the completely renovated Saint Stepen’s House. Dr. Norbert Németh has been the pastor of the Hungarian catholic communities in Rome and in Italy since August 2020. In addition to the Hungarian holy mass held on the last Sunday of each month in Santo Stefano Rotondo in Rome, he also celebrates mass for Hungarian communities in other big cities like Milan, Torino, Parma, Bologna, Florence, Venice, Padova, Loreto, Palermo, Catania.

Furthermore it is of high importance to the Foundation to support all Hungarian priests and novices who live, work, study in Rome.